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1st March 2018 – the snow began to fall and the weather took a dramatic turn for the worse

Snow falls on Oddicombe BeachRetreating from the storm

2nd March 2018 – Storm Emma had wrought devastation at 3 Degrees West.

With snow and incredibly icy conditions, even getting to the beach to survey the damage was a challenge. What greeted the team was heartbreaking. Huge tree trunks had been hurled through the shutters and windows by the storm, sand and stones were everywhere and the future looked bleak.

3DW storm damage3DW storm damage3DW storm damageOddicombe promenade strewn with debris

The Clear Up Began

New windows, doors, shutters, furniture etc was ordered. There was cleaning, there was drying out, there was a LOT of hard work

The 3DW clean-up team

14th April 2018 - Open for business – hooray!

3DW newly refurbished interior3DW terrace back to normal
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